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NetBSD Hackathon: August 10th to 14th (last announcement)

Hello netbsd-users,

today is tuesday, the 9th August. In exactly one hour, we will officially
start the 15th NetBSD Hackathon.
There have been two announcements, so this is the last one with a few
informations about the proceeding:
 * General information and ideas on what can be done is found in the wiki:
   Of course, if there's something you find absolutely missing, just work on
 * All the main communication will be done in the IRC channel #netbsd-code on
 * If you do not have IRC and do not want to get it, but you still want to
   participate: Just drop me a mail or meet me in person (I'm at the CCC camp
   during the hackathon).
 * If you participate, and you have a project: Please announce it somewhere.
   Write it to IRC, drop me a mail, etc., that nobody else works on the same
   Also, we can keep track of the work being done in the hackathon and
   perhaps generate a nice statistic in the end. ;-)
 * Of course you can also write code in the scope of the hackathon, but the
   main topic should be documentation.

About how to participate:
 * There are three categories for the thing that need work being done:
   * htdocs: Can be checked out via CVS, as in , but use
     htdocs instead of src.
   * manpages can be checked out as written in the guide.
   * wikisrc: You can check out the wiki from rsync://
     Just go into your shell and execute
       `rsync -avz rsync:// netbsd-wikisrc`
 * If you are not a developer, and you have written or patched an article:
   Please generate a diff of it (`cvs diff`), then drop the diff to pastebin
   You can notify us by hand (writing a mail, telling in IRC) about this,
   then the article will be getting reviewed and eventually commited.

So: Enjoy the last hour before the hackathon, enjoy the hackathon even more,
and thank you all in advance for the work! :-)

Regards, Julian

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