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wip/php-fpm deletes /tmp (per_user_tmp) during system startup

.. but not if php_fpm=YES is commented out and I
 - manually start it using the rc.d script
 - just manually start it

If php_fpm=YES is enabled, /tmp is deleted during boot, and all
subsequent attempts to ressurect it (stopping php-fpm, mkdir /tmp;
/etc/rc.d/perusertmp start) will make it vanish again.

At any rate I don't think the perusertmp incantations are enough to
bring it back for real, as the symlink to /private/tmp/@ruid is there
after recreation, but cd'ing to /tmp says it's not a directory:

root@leonardo:/# mkdir tmp
root@leonardo:/# chmod 777 tmp
root@leonardo:/# chmod +s tmp
root@leonardo:/# dir tmp/

total 1.0K
drwsrwsrwx   2 root  wheel  - 512B Aug  9 08:31 ./
drwxr-xr-x  22 root  wheel  - 512B Aug  9 08:31 ../
root@leonardo:/# /etc/rc.d/perusertmp start

Preparing per-user /tmp.
root@leonardo:/# dir tmp

lrwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  -  18B Aug  9 08:31 tmp@ -> /private/tmp/@ruid
root@leonardo:/# cd tmp
ksh: cd: /tmp - Not a directory

That said, I'm still baffled. Why would php-fpm delete /tmp during boot,
but not if it's launched manually afterwards?

This behaviour isn't present with a regular /tmp.

Any ideas?

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