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Re: problems booting from hard drive

On 31 July 2011 04:55, Dan McMahill <> wrote:
> I just did a fresh install from a -current (as of a few days ago) cd
> created from one of the releng autobuilds.  Booting the cd went fine,
> the install went fine, nothing looked out of the ordinary.  I used the
> entire hard drive which was brand new, never been written to.  Told
> sysinst to use the whole drive.  Got to the end and when I rebooted
> without the CD in, I get as far as the primary bootstrap but then it fails.

Have you tried using an older bootloader, maybe from 5.0?

I upgraded to a current bootloader recently and was nolonger able to boot.

is the issue I had, it does sound similar.



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