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Re: NetBSD documentation-hackathon from August 10th to August 14th


> I'm planning on going, and wouldn't mind spending some of the time doing 
> something productive.  Or at least meeting up.
Could be an idea to just agree on a meeting point, or somebody stay in the
hackcenter all night to reserve a table, instead of making a village.

Organizing a village would still be possible, but if there would be just two
residents it's imho not worth the effort.

> > I can't currently say if there will be a village on the CCC camp, there
> > was just one certain commitment (except for me) and four others who don't
> > know yet or are planned elsewhere. I still would like to have one, though.
> There was a BSD village at HAR - mostly OpenBSD people - do you know if 
> any of the related projects are planning anything for CCCamp?  I'd be 
> interested in a village too, especially if it's a bit more organized than 
> just a few tents next to each other.
It was Wim Vandeputte who organized the (Open)BSD village the camps before. I
mailed him, he replied he is going to organize a village for hardware hacking
(around this HX2-thingy).
And there's no BSD camp announced in the camp wiki so far.

Regards, Julian

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