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Re: NetBSD, Alix (i386) and network

On Tue, 12 Jul 2011 23:52 +0200, "Stefano Marinelli"
<> wrote:
> Hello everybody. I've been running NetBSD-5.1_STABLE on an Alix board
> (2d13) for months. Everything has always been perfect.
> Yesterday I had to get a new router (I need 802.11n) so I got a Cisco
> E3000. The router is ok, but now there's a problem with the Alix.

that does sound like auto-negotiate wierdness ... I don't know whether
it's related, however I have a Cisco for which my Asus 1000H ale0
doesn't come up properly and I have to manually set it to 10MB/s (!!)
before I get anything to work.  My wife's netbook is the same model and
she has no problems with it at all - she is running Windows though, so
it may be a NetBSD driver issue ... 

but try manually setting the link speed on your alix, then try
explicitly setting something on the Cisco and see if that helps ... 

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