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Re: Matlab r2009a

At 14:52 Uhr +0100 10.07.2011, wrote:
>I am wondering if anyone has any advice on how to install Matlab r2009a on
>NetBSD, particularly NetBSD 5.1 amd64 which is the version and port I am
>I have found a guide online but it uses older versions of the software and
>NetBSD, and a different NetBSD port (although i'm not sure that's
>especially relevent).

Neither is - I suspect the shell script framework that the *nix installer
uses is still the same, so most of the patches should apply with offset. No
usable unionfs on netbsd-5, unfortunately.

A quick and dirty way to "install" Matlab is to install on a Linux OS, then
tar up the installation directory and unpack on the NetBSD machine. You may
have to adapt a few shell scripts' OS detection along the lines of

The bigger obstacle, though, is that more and more of Matlab's
functionality beyond the raw numerics is being moved to Java code. NetBSD's
linux emulation was never really up to the task of running such a complex
Java application - expect lots of threads locking up or busy-looping at
100% cpu. Moreover, ISTR netbsd-5 does not support the linux 2.6.x kernel
api, including the kernel threads model.

We ended up migrating the research associates' and lab machines to debian a
few years ago.

But -- by all means have a try at it, and report back!


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