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Re: gprof SEGV issue for GCC-4.5.X toolchain.

On 27/06/11 19:53, Matt Thomas wrote:
> Well, first of all, NetBSD doesn't use EABI.  That ABI derives from
> bpabi.h which isn't used by arm*-*-netbsdelf*.  So you've built the
> wrong compiler to use with NetBSD.

Hmm, it really is about time that NetBSD moved to the EABI.  I thought
that we'd agreed at the time that the current ABI was adopted that it
was going to be transitional, not permanent.

There are a number of benefits to moving: more efficient alignment of
larger data types; better C++ exception handling; better testing of the
compiler (everyone else builds and tests with the EABI these days).

I don't see the day being far off when support for the old ABI becomes
deprecated in GCC -- that'll put NetBSD at a disadvantage if it hasn't
worked out a transition plan.


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