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hrmmm ...

Some fumbled typing on my part meant I nuked portions of a directory
tree that hadn't yet been backed up but were nevertheless important.

... it's an FFSv1 filesystem of around 38GB and whilst I understand that
there isn't an 'undelete' per se, what options do I have for rooting
around and trying to piece back my data?

I did halt the server as soon as I realised the problem, so most if not
all of the blocks on disk should still be there ... the touble is I'm
not familiar with UFS/FFS enough to know what metadata would still exist
for these unlinked files ...

They should be readily distinguishable by their content even if all I
get back is a set of files without filenames (which is probable), but
I'm not sure what tools would be good for this purpose ...

I've made a good backup of the filesystem using dd, so the host is back
in production and I can pursue other means of recovery offline ...


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