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Re: replacement tool for "adjustkernel"

On Sat, 11 Jun 2011 01:25:29 +0300, Skorobogatko Oleksii
<> wrote:

>Hi! A lot time ago I wrote some little script on awk that do same as 
>like alternative tools
>adjustkernel, dmassage. Perl is bloat, awk is cool :)

OK, I'll second that. Perl is just awful. If I were Emporer of NetBSD
I would banish it from the Kingdom. It is a really poor substitute for
C / C++ on the one hand and a poor subtitute for ksh / awk on the
other. Nothing peeves me off more than having to install Perl to be
able to run an application. And if you have any compassion for your
fellow man please, please, do not write sysadmin "scripts" in Perl.
Their is nothing more hideous than a Perl script were every 8th line
is a callout to ksh. Damn, just write it in ksh like you should have
to begin with.


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