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axe not sending any frames


I have a USB ethernet adapter using the axe driver, identifying itself as ASIX 
Electronics AX88178 USB 2.0 10/100 Ethernet adapter, rev 2.00/0.01. However, it 
does not seem to be able to send any data. Running tcpdump on it, I can see all 
the broadcasts on the net. It also shows the packets I am sending. However, 
another machine on the network can't see *ANY* of the packets the tcpdump on 
the machine with axe0 claims to send. tcpdump on it shows it, but it is never 
seen by the other machines (and yes, I am sending broadcasts). I even tried 
connecting two PCs directly: The axe0 seems to receive all packets, but the 
other end does not.

I also got USB watchdog errors sometimes when I was running tcpdump and trying 
to get a DHCP lease at the same time.

The NetBSD kernel I am using was built 2011-06-09, on x86.

Any ideas?


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