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Re: nfs permissions problem


> i have mounted the maildirs on my FreeBSD mailserver into my home
> directory using 2 /etc/fstab entries. the system mounts these
> directories without problem. 
> i can't even use ls to look into the maildirs unless i'm using root. all
> the regular files and directories have my ownership, the maildirs are
> owned by 1001:1001 - i'm not sure what this is. 
so this is a user on your nfs-server with uid 1001 (which does apparently not
exist on your nfs-client).

> i've followed the online netbsd guide to set up the nfs client with the
> appropriate /etc/rc.conf variables and also for the FreeBSD server's
> /etc/rc.conf & /etc/exports files.
> i really don't what is happening, can anyone help at all?
The problem in this case is just the UID-mapping between your computers. You
should read about ways of mapping or synchronising uids. Searching the web
for 'nfs uid mapping' shows some helpful articles.

Regards, Julian

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