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Re: Duplicate syslog messages on console

Hi Mike,

On 4/3/2011 1:36 PM, Michael T. Davis wrote:
        I'm playing with NetBSD 5.1 and IP Filter (IPF).  Part of IPF's
functionality includes ipmon, which can write messages via syslogd.  (i.e.
I have ipmon_flags="-Dnps".)  I'm using the following syslog.conf file to
make sure messages are sent to the console and root:

#       $NetBSD: syslog.conf,v 1.9 2004/07/23 03:45:42 mycroft Exp $

auth,authpriv,daemon,kern,user,local0.*         /dev/console

# Log ipmon (IPFilter monitor) messages to console and/or to root
local0.*                root

This seems to have the side-effect that when root is logged into the console,
two messages are displayed on the console for every single message sent by
ipmon.  Is there a way to formulate syslog.conf to prevent this?

What happens if you login as a root *alias*?  I.e., does syslog
treat any uid of 0 as matching "root" entries?

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