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Slackware vanilla kernel for domU in NetBSD dom0

I have a disk of 74GB - half is dedicated to NetBSD 5.1 and half to
64-bit Slackware 13.1.

I have successfully installed Xen 3.3.2 in NetBSD 5.1 using
pkgsrc-2010q4 and I have file-backed NetBSD domUs and a Windows XP domU
running without problems.

I have Slackware and NetBSD successfully dual-booting. I am trying to
get the Slackware installation running as a domU as well, under my
NetBSD dom0. Some time ago people gave me hints but I am still
struggling to understand this.

While in Slackware I compiled a vanilla kernel ( with
all the Xen options enabled. I then copied the resulting vmlinuz kernel
in Slackware's /boot directory to / in NetBSD.

I start the Slackware domU as follows:

kernel = "/vmlinuz"
memory = 768
name = "slackware-domu"
vif = [""]
vif = ["bridge=bridge0"]
disk = ["phy:/dev/wd0f,sda2,w", "phy:/dev/wd0j,sda5,w",
        "phy:/dev/wd0k,sda6,w", "phy:/dev/wd0l,sda7,w",
        "phy:/dev/wd0m,sda8,w", "phy:/dev/wd0n,sda9,w" ]
root = "/dev/sda2"
extra = "xencons=tty1"


wd0f is Slackware's /
wd0j is Slackware's swap
wd0k is Slackware's /tmp
wd0l is Slackware's /usr
wd0m is Slackware's /var
wd0n is Slackware's /home

However, I am getting a kernel loader error.

Am I supposed to copy the vmlinuz vanilla kernel to NetBSD's /
directory and keep it in Slackware's /boot directory as well?

The reason I want Slackware in a physical partition/disk backed domU
instead of a file-backed domU is that I want to dual-boot until I am
comfortable using NetBSD.

Gerard Lally

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