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Re: Why does my libusb example don't work

SÃbastien BOCAHU <> wrote:

> Hi,
> > I'm despaired. Why does my simple program don't report anything. Please see
> > my attachment for details. I can't find any help on Google.
> > 
> > My devices are not recognized as I execute my simple program.
> > 
> > Any helpfull comments?
> I did not read your code carefully, but your mail remainds me a test I did a 
> few
> years ago:
> Maybe this situation has not changed?
> Regards,
> -- 
> SÃbastien BOCAHU
> Please avoid sending me files in proprietary formats,
> such as microsoft word or excel.
> Please use open standards instead (for example, pdf).
> Plain text is *really* appreciated !
Hi all,

my solution is to unable the device driver in the kernel. The result is a ugenX 
You can use the libusb and libftdi library for programming now. Now it works 

Thank you all.


Volker Wolfram

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