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Re: Upgrading NetBSD in-place in a clean way

Stefano Marinelli wrote:
Ok, let's suppose I want to upgrade a NetBSD machine without rebooting with 
sysinst and without having the possibility to use the script with the 
I'd do something like that:
1) download the daily (stable, for example) binaries (for example from
2) Untar all the sets on the file system I want to update
3) run etcupdate
4) reboot

for a major upgrade you need to reboot just after you updated the kernel, the the userland. I'm happy with etcupdate only (no postinstall) and keeping a kind-of-system wide .profile and .kshrc on / for users to link against it.

Tried that in a test virtual machine and seems to work. But there's a problem: 
what if something has been removed? Untarring the sets doesn't remove the 
(stale) old files, while the etcupdate just deals with the config and startup 
Is there a cleaner way to do it?

do you mean the old files of userland, not only /etc ? I'm afraid there's no solution for that yet.


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