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Re: Help with low raid5 performance

On Mon, 15 Nov 2010, Greg Oster wrote:
Sorry that I'm chiming in a bit late at this point, after Ian
Clark already pointed out what is most likely the culprit...

In your initial config:

START layout
64 1 1 5

this says that the stripe width is 64 blocks...  With 2 data blocks and
1 parity block in each stripe, that gives you a total of 128 blocks of
data in a stripe.

When you did this:
 # gpt show raid0
         64  1953546015      1  GPT part - NetBSD UFS/UFS2

You basically aligned the partition on the half-stripe which, I
believe, ends up in having a whole bunch of the filesystem aligned on
half-stripes.  E.g. every 64K write you do ends up straddling two stripes,
causing the read-modify-write small-write penalty for every 64K write.

If you re-align that partition to be 128 blocks from the start of the
RAID set, it should perform significantly better.

OK, I get this, but I'm having problems complying with the stripesize heuristic in:

Namely, (($stripewidth / 2) * ($disks - 1)) <= MAXPHYS

I'm using a 4-disk RAID 5 with the partition starting at 45416448 (which is very well aligned (on a 65536 boundary!).

What's the best stripe size to use here? 64k/3*2=42.7k, so use the next lowest 'nice' number, i.e. 32k?


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