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Re: ipnat on same interface?

> I'm not sure how wise your setup is[1]. But if you want to do that:

> Well, to avoid confusing the NAT code, you can always setup a tap
> device (assuming we're talking about Ethernet) and bridge it to
> the real device, then use one of them for the internal network.

Ah, yes. It _does_ "waste" one more IP address, but I think I can live
with that. Interesting idea. Thanks!

> [1] basically, you need to trust the router to not let the Real
> Machines reveal their Real Addresses to the outside, e.g. not route
> those addresses at all. The result is that you have to synchronize
> your frontent machine configuration with the router configuration, at
> least on major reconfiguration.

Relax. This is not done for strict security purposes. It's more that I
want to be able to shift the service from one physical server to another
without having to reconfigure the cloud of clients. That sort of thing.

                                Best regards,
                                  /Lars-Johan Liman

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