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Re: Linux domU disk questions


> And lastly, is it OK to perform a standard installation of Slackware on
> the second disk, and then compile a vanilla kernel with the Xen options
> enabled? When I reboot into Xen the Slackware domU will start as a PV
> guest? Are there other options in the Linux kernel configuration I
> should enable in order to run Slackware as a domU in a NetBSD dom0?

You could either install a non-Xen Slackware on your second disk,
tweak it (notably /etc/fstab and /etc/inittab to have a getty on the
Xen-console like in Pierre-Philipp's guide), and then make that disk
available as a domU using 'phy:' or 'file:', or install Slackware
using aforementioned guide, period; both work, but IMHO the latter is
the easier method. I have been using Slackware 11.0 using a non-Xen
install, and recently Slackware 13.1 using installer in Xen domU.

Guidelines for configuring a recent kernel as domU are here:
I use a kernel with config as in the 1st above URL.

My dom0 is NetBSD 5.1, using xen 3.3.2 from pkgsrc 2010Q3 as well, but
only PV - no experience with HVM here.


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