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What's new in NetBSD?

So, something like 2 years ago, I upgraded my primary server from 1.6 to 3.3.1. 
For those two years, I really became inactive ... dropped off the mailing 
lists, stopped fiddling with settings, stopped poking at pkgsrc-wip ... and 
generally (with the exception of a couple of power outages) my server sat there 
and served. Today, I upgraded to 5.1, and that got me wondering: what's new in 

Sure, I can go read all of the release notes and dig through the Guide, but 
that's not really what I'm after. What would be really cool is something that 
said, "Hey, If you've been away from NetBSD for a while, you should really go 
check out ZYX and ABC. And you should _really_ upgrade your temp file system to 
foobar."  Or some such "doc". OK. Maybe we don't actually need that doc; and 
maybe if we do, then this email should be over in advocacy or something; and 
maybe there is such a doc and I'm just missing it. But ... any suggestions? 
(Either with respect to reading, or specific features/setting I'll want to 
monkey with?).


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