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Re: Linux domU disk questions

Hi Gerard,

Do I fdisk and disklabel this second disk in NetBSD or just leave it
blank for Slackware's fdisk to partition?

Leave it blank if you want to use phy:. I myself only use file or lvm based vdisks.

If I then put an ext4 or xfs filesystem on the Slackware partition will
the NetBSD dom0 be able to export this physical disk in the domU
configuration file?

If you're using phy:, I guess so! There's basically three ways of sending a vdisk to a guest: physical, lv or file-based. Note, the latter can't be sparse on a netbsd dom0 (vnconfig limitation).

And lastly, is it OK to perform a standard installation of Slackware on
the second disk, and then compile a vanilla kernel with the Xen options
enabled? When I reboot into Xen the Slackware domU will start as a PV

It should be possible, but way more complicated than needed!

guest? Are there other options in the Linux kernel configuration I
should enable in order to run Slackware as a domU in a NetBSD dom0?

Here's a little guide I wrote. It's assuming a linux dom0 but there shouldn't be much difference. Don't use seek= (sparse files) with dd.


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