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Re: Install NetBSD with root on other than partition a?

> I think the simplest way would be if you built your own kernel.
> In its config file you can specify something like

> config         netbsd-current  root on sd0f type ffs

> (look for the similar lines as examples in the GENERIC config file).

> You'd place the kernel in the same partition as your current one, just
> with a different name, netbsd-current in this example. With boot.cfg (or
> just manually at the boot loader prompt) you can specify which kernel to
> boot.

> -Olaf.

I noticed that line in the kernel config file beginning when I prepared to 
rebuild the kernel for NetBSD 4.0.1 on a USB stick, but didn't want to or need 
to hard-wire the root device.  Lacking support for booting from USB, I was able 
to boot with DOSBOOT.COM from a FAT (32 or 16) partition running FreeDOS.  I 
was also able to boot using FreeDOS, grub4dos, and a small hard-drive or 
giant-floppy image, to which I copied /boot, desired NetBSD kernels, and ran 

I suppose I could interrupt the boot and type "boot netbsd-current" at the boot 
prompt, and specify wd0e or wd0f as root.


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