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Re: build of current source tree

Robert Boyer <> writes:

> Sorry to ask about something that is probably old hat but here goes. I
> am not new to Unix or BSD, just NetBSD. I am trying to update from
> source and have a few issues/questions that are probably simple.


> I have successfully build tools, userland, and the kernel (GENERIC,
> along with a few specific ones).
> 1) My first question is even when using the u flag with a lot
> of things seem to get rebuilt over and over again that already exist
> in my obj tree and tools tree. Is this "normal". What am I doing
> wrong.

Normally an update build is fairly fast but still does a lot of running
make that results in no commands being run.  Some tool bootstrapping
(nbmake only?) is always done.

See pkgsrc/sysutils/etcmanage for BUILD-NetBSD, a commented example of
how I use

If you still think -u is misbehaving, please post your commands.

> 2) I installed the new kernel and successfully booted into it, now I
> try to install userland with:
> ./ -O ../obj -T ../tools -U install=/ 
> and I get this error...
> netbsd nbmake: don't know how to make
> /usr/src/../obj/destdir.amd64/METALOG. Stop

It's likely the basic issue is the difference between privileged and
unpriveged builds, which is new with NetBSD.   Builds are typically done
as non-root, and 'make install' doesn't set owner/suid/etc. but instead
records this in METALOG.  Then one can also install with DESTDIR=/ as
root.  My script has examples.

I use absolute paths for TOOLSDIR and OBJDIR.  I'm not sure that

> I searched on the error but a lot of the threads are ancient and don't
> seem to appy to my situation. Most are for <= NetBSD 4.0 and I do/have
> spec'd the -O flag. Now what?

FWIW I do a full build all the way to iso and then do binary updates
From the resulting sets.  See INSTALL-NetBSD (in etcmanage) for how I do
it.  That lets me do the build on one machine and install on another -
and the source machine doesn't have to be the same architecture.   I
have been updating aging ultrasparc 5s like that for years.

> 3) Is this the right mailing list for this?

Yes, it is the appropriate lits.

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