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More persistent device names when using wedges & raidframe?


I have created a RAID5 array with 3 harddrives. On each harddrive I have a gpt partition of type raidframe, and a wedge, also with type raidframe. Then I got 3 virtual device names dk0, dk1 and dk2. These are added as components in my raid. And on the raid0 device, I have also created a gpt partition and a wedge (dk3), but this time with type ufs and ffs of course. Everything works fine. But when I simulates a corrupted harddrive I got problems.

I simulate a failure by shutting down the server, disconnects one of the harddrives. One of the components becomes failed, but I cannot mount the degraded raid since my previous device name was dk3, but now it is called dk2. So my entry in /etc/fstab is causing troubles during boot.

Is there a way to use UUID, labels or any other persitent device name instead?


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