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Re: cron on laptops

I dont know this. But I know that fcron can do pretty much what you want. I
use it on my laptop as well as servers
Am 05.12.2010 16:27 schrieb "Ian D. Leroux" <>:
> From hints in an old PR (misc/11011) and from the discussion of
> CRON_WITHIN in crontab(5), I get the impression that NetBSD's cron
> implementation already handles situations where the machine is not on
> all the time (e.g. laptops), starting any jobs that were scheduled to
> run while the machine was off at the next boot. This would obviate
> the need for specialized tools like time/anacron. Is this indeed the
> case? If so, is it documented anywhere? I could find no mention of
> it in cron(8).
> Thanks,
> Ian Leroux

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