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iSCSI initiator with istgt


Does anyone have netbsd-iscsi-initiator working with istgt?

In my case, the initiator is on NetBSD 5.1 (amd64) and the target is
on FreeBSD.

When I start iscsi-initiator, it just sits there, but no refuse filesystem
gets mounted.  I have never seen it output anything to the screen or to
syslog (if it doesn't like the command-line options, it just exits
immediately, and -v doesn't seem to have any effect) --- is this normal?

The only error output I've been able to get is from istgt with tracing on:

  istgt_iscsi.c:3595:istgt_iscsi_op_nopout: ***ERROR*** got NOPOUT 
ITT=0xffffffff, I=0
  istgt_iscsi.c:4392:istgt_iscsi_execute: ***ERROR*** iscsi_op_nopout() failed
  istgt_iscsi.c:4921:worker: ***ERROR*** iscsi_execute() failed on,t,0x0001(,i,0x000000000000)

I'm not really sure what to make of this, though...

Any ideas would be welcome.



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