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PKG: when comes 5.1 for the x86_64 ?


Does anybody know when the 5.1 PKG distrib will be released?

I was trying to download csup PKG and got this:

# pkg_add -f csup
pkg_add: Warning: package `csup-20100404' was built for a platform:
pkg_add: NetBSD/x86_64 5.0.2 (pkg) vs. NetBSD/x86_64 5.1 (this host)
# csup
csup: _lwp_ctl: Memory fault (core dumped)
ls -l
total 736
-rw-------  1 root  users  347272 Dec  1 13:23 csup.core

On the servers I only find 5.0 Packages for the x86 64bit Platform.

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