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Re: LVM, iSCSI and Xen

On Nov,Thursday 25 2010, at 12:45 AM, Louis Guillaume wrote:

> Hi,

Hi, Nice project I hope that you will write nice wiki article about it ;).

> I'm designing a system where I will have iSCSI targets on one machine 
> exported to a number of virtual machines (in PV mode) on another machine.
> (All this is still depending on my getting iscsi-initiator to work properly, 
> but I expect that will happen shortly. So I haven't tried any of this yet.)
> I have 2 choices for this setup and I wonder which will yield the better 
> performance:
> (1) mount the iSCSI targets on DOM0 and set them up as disks in
>     the DOMUs' configurations.

This seems better to me because it hides iscsi complexity from DOMU.
> I did consider using LVM in DOM0 to manage storage. The storage machine would 
> serve up chunks of disk and then the DOM0 would figure out who gets which 
> piece. I would consider this again if the xbd devices proved to have better 
> performance. But controlling things on the storage side seems to be more 
> flexible, especially when it comes to deciding what disks, controllers etc. 
> are exported for what reason.



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