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Re: NetBSD Wishlist

In Message <>,
   "Thomas Mueller" <>wrote:

=>FreeBSD disklabels are for the slice (BIOS MBR partition) rather
=>than the whole disk (as with NetBSD), and I've wondered if it might
=>be better for NetBSD to adopt such a disklabel style.  FreeBSD
=>disklabel older-style was like the present NetBSD style, for the
=>whole disk.

   This should fit nicely with wedges, if I understand correctly.
Either an analogue of dkscan_bsdlabel(8), or a DKWEDGE_METHOD_FREEBSDLABEL
to go with DKWEDGE_AUTODISCOVER should do it. Not really knowing the code
it is easy for me to say, but I expect it wouldn't be that hard.

                                        Gary Duzan

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