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Status of NetBSD 5.1?

What is the current status of NetBSD 5.1?  Latest announcement was for 5.1_RC4, 
but I browsed and and found 5.1 already 
available for download, dating to Nov 7 or 11.

I now have RC4 installed, should I download 5.1 (which server? or 
ftp.netbsd org?), or wait for announcement, or burn my bridges in favor of 

If I enable vesafb stuff in kernel configuration file, screen goes blank after 
about one-half minute, does not come back in response to keyboard but does come 
back if I type "screenblank -u" at a command prompt, so I have to be sure to 
keep a command-prompt virtual terminal open at all times.  I can go into X and 
not get this screen-blanking problem, or maybe I didn't wait long enough, but 
then I get a blank screen except for a rectangular cursor when I come back to 
text console, so when I go into X, there is no going back to text console, 
though "shutdown -r now" still works. 

If I comment out vesafb stuff in kernel configuration file, I am good as long 
as I don't try to go into X.  If I type startx, computer freezes, screen 
blanks, and only thing I can do is Reset or power off/power on.

I don't get this problem, or I got past it, in 4.0.1, which I have installed on 
a 4 GB Kingston Data Traveler USB stick.


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