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Re: Re (2): Saga of the installation of NetBSD on a Sparc 2


> > did you see your requests with tcpdump?
> Didn't check & should have.  I'll set up the connection again and look.
> Probably next week.
I don't know if this is standard, but my Debian-installation with rarpd logs
the requests it answers.

I also had trouble getting my SparcStationLX boot from net.

I do not exactly remember the problem or the solution. In the end, the switch
the machine was hanging on had strange problems, every time the SS came up,
it lost link. After fixing it to 10MBit Half-Duplex that problem was solved
and the machine booted flawless.

On the other hand, my NVRAM recently lost its power, so the settings were
garbage. The SS then successfully sent out the requests, and my server
answered them, but somehow they didn't arrive or the SS didn't want them.
There were also other net-problems when installing from floppy, so in the end
I bought a new NVRAM and now it still does not work (but not due to the
connection but misconfiguration ;).

Regards, Julian

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