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Mult and process isolation (kauth perhaps?)

Hi all,

So I've been curious for a while now about whether it's feasible or even
desirable to have some form of native jail implementation in NetBSD.  Then I
realised that I'd seen a video a few years ago about process isolation and
something called Mult [1] -- but unfortunately that seems more or less
shelved (and given that it's been two years since anyway, that code, even if
it were available might be subject to huge bit-rot anyway.)

I'm really interested in resurrecting this project, or perhaps something
like it.  I've been wanting to dig deeper into some of the internals of
NetBSD for a while now anyway, and a project such as this might just give me
the excuse I've been looking for.  :)

However -- in my somewhat limited knowledge of NetBSD internals, I realised
that rather than have something separate such as Mult, it might just as
easily be worthwhile hooking this into the kauth subsystem directly?  What
would others think?  Ultimately, I have the following questions (not in any
order per se):

1.  Is this feature something NetBSD would appreciate? (Hello, NFI.  ;))
2.  If this email is not on the right list, kindly forward it to the
    relevant one, and let me know which list I ought to be subscribed to.
3.  If someone could point me to any relevant people for contact on this,
    and/or relevant documentation, that too would be appreciated.

I am just not sure where best to start, and hoping I can find someone with
enough interest in this feature who knows enough about the NetBSD internals
to shove me in the right direction -- if that's via an individual rather
than a mailing list, kindly forward this email on to them, and let me know,
so as not to waste anyone's time.

Note that I've tried contacting the original author of Mult a few times
recently to no avail, it seems as though he's either dropped off the face of
the Earth, or just gone over to OpenBSD exclusively, such that he's too busy
to look at archived projects anymore.  :)

Thanks all for you time, and hopefully I've initially sent this to the right
list first of all.


-- Thomas Adam


"Deep in my heart I wish I was wrong.  But deep in my heart I know I am
not." -- Morrissey ("Girl Least Likely To" -- off of Viva Hate.)

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