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Problems with NetBSD 5.0.2 and memory on AMD GEODE LX800 (processes killing)

Hi everybody.
I'm experimenting NetBSD 5.0.2 (i386) on an Alix 2D13 board. It is fast and 
good, but I've noticed some problems.
The machine sits idle almost all the day, doing just some small tasks. It has a 
USB 750GB disk attached and a 4GB CF with the OS, read-only. Its main task is 
during the night, doing rsync of big remote servers.
All works fine but I've found that, in the morning,  sometimes the ssh daemon 
has crashed. No cores found because the /root was mounted in read only.
So I investigated and found out that during the night, the memory gets almost 
all used. There's a swap partition on the ext disk, and it starts to be used, 
too. What I've noticed is that processes swapped out often crash with a 
I can't replicate it properly, but I've compiled and installed the 
"sysutils/psmisc" tools and have seen that every time I launch "killall 
someprogram" (with "someprogram" being in execution or not, doesn't matter), it 
crashes and segfaults.

The machine is running with a self-compiled kernel, but same happens with the 
GENERIC one. Anybody has some suggestions/ideas? What could I try? 
The OS has been built on a Macintosh (MacOS 10.6 Snow Leopard) but this in a 
VMWare Fusion VM all works properly.

Thank you,

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