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Re: Setting up a print server.

 On 09/27/10 07:56, Max León wrote:

I'm setting up at last a printer at home, is a HP LaserJet 1022 so the plan is to attach it to my server NetBSD 5.0.2.

I tried to install and configure CUPS on it and I succeeded to a level, I have CUPS up, I have HPIJS installed and working, foomatic is there, I can install and configure the printer but I cannot print.

I keep getting this errors:
[26/Sep/2010:19:31:59 -0600] PID 1210 (/usr/pkg/libexec/cups/filter/foomatic-rip) crashed on signal 13! [26/Sep/2010:19:31:59 -0600] [Job 6] Process dying with "Possible error on renderer command line or PostScript error. Check options.", exit stat: 3 [26/Sep/2010:19:31:59 -0600] PID 1209 (/usr/pkg/libexec/cups/filter/pstops) crashed on signal 13! [26/Sep/2010:19:31:59 -0600] PID 1208 (/usr/pkg/libexec/cups/filter/bannertops) crashed on signal 13! [26/Sep/2010:19:31:59 -0600] [Job 6] Possible error on renderer command line or PostScript error. Check options.

I've looked to find some guidance to no avail, any suggestion is welcome.



You may suprise but sometimes different printer driver gives better result via cups+hpijs+foomatic. Try ubuntu live cd and use the driver what it suggests (what it automatically installs). I mean ie; 1100 driver may be better than 1022 one for 1022 printer and it may work better.


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