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Re: Xorg woes and partial tips

> Exiting from X/radeon, the VT is fading. If you relaunch (xinit(1)),
> every time the VT fade more untill you can see strictly nothing.
> [...]
> Furthermore, from time to time, the input on the display freezes (no
> keyboard, no pointer). Only solution : remote connection, say ssh(1),
> and you have to kill the programs including X. But this is not enough,
> you must switch to root to remove /tmp/.X* or you will not be able to
> relaunch X.
I had the same problems with 3.1.1, using the then-current pkgsrc. There was
no way to remedy radeon (RV200 if I recall correctly) blooming. It might be a
long-standing bug in Xorg or, IMO unlikely, a kernel issue. Eventually I
uninstalled Xorg because I feared I would let the magic smoke out. Never
tried the vesa trick. Is DRI enabled in your config?

Best regards

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