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Power tools on amd64

Dear list

I am running amd64 rel 5.0.1 (binary, GENERIC kernel) on my laptop, and
just to-day my fortune cookie said:
"X windows:
        ... ...
        Power tools for Power Fools.
        ... ..."

Being a fool, I took a look into /etc/rc.d/apmd and /etc/powerd/scripts;
they refer to the programs like e.g. /usr/sbin/apm{,d} which are missing.

The manuals say that these programs belong to the i386 release.
The options to GENERIC say:
" ... ...
options         COMPAT_NETBSD32
... ... "

My question is:  Can I just load missing binaries like the pair
/usr/sbin/apm{,d} from a distribution of i386, rel. 5.0.1, or will I run
into trouble with shared libraries?


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