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Re: Lingua franca file system Linux-NetBSD-FreeBSD?

> > e2fsprogs?  Required in Linux, available in pkgsrc and also FreeBSD ports.  
> > ext3 is ext2 + journaling.

> And some other features not supported by NetBSD at this time.
> NetBSD will refuse to mount a ext filesystem with unknown, incompatible
> features (and this is the right thing to do).

> > So if NetBSD could read ext2, it ought to be able to read ext3.  Maybe 
> > writing to ext3 file system from NetBSD could cause the journal to go out 
> > of sync?

> Of course the journal will contain bogus data after that.

> -- 
> Manuel Bouyer <>

Seems that a Linux ext2fs is a dubious proposition for read-write access 
to/from NetBSD and FreeBSD, though in limited cases even ext3fs might be OK 
from NetBSD and FreeBSD read-only.  

I noticed NetBSD current source tree included an upgrade in ext2fs support 
allowing inode of 256 bytes.  I've even thought of installing NetBSD-current on 
a USB stick just to see how it would fare with ext2fs, while not disrupting my 
NetBSD 5.1_RC3 installation.  But I guess this upgrade would not include any 
ext3fs journaling features.  I don't really want to keep updating 
NetBSD-current every few days.


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