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Re: Lingua franca file system Linux-NetBSD-FreeBSD?

> > While it's probably quite OK to format a partition for FAT32 from Linux 
> > (mkdosfs) or *BSD and then install FreeDOS, I think that, for a partition 
> > where Linux is to be installed, it would be preferable to format said 
> > partition from Linux rather than *BSD.  I would be less fussy for a 
> > nonbootable data partition.

> If it's for installing linux, probably. If it's just a data partition
> it probably doesn't matters.
> Note that linux will probably format it as ext3, not ext2, and there's
> no support for ext3 in NetBSD.

> -- 
> Manuel Bouyer <>

e2fsprogs?  Required in Linux, available in pkgsrc and also FreeBSD ports.  
ext3 is ext2 + journaling.  So if NetBSD could read ext2, it ought to be able 
to read ext3.  Maybe writing to ext3 file system from NetBSD could cause the 
journal to go out of sync?


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