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questions on switching to netbsd

I'm using FreeBSD on my laptop (pentium, 64 MB RAM) because Linux seems more 
resource intensive.  Was hoping to use the same operating system on my laptop 
and my newer desktop.  However, I'm hitting issues with hardware support.  Was 
wondering if NetBSD would do a better job of running on both machines than 
FreeBSD.  I have a Brother MFC 290 printer (that has Linux drivers) that I 
would like to get running (even if it's just in Linux compatibility mode).  I 
also had an M-Audio Audiophile 2496 which I need to replace with new hardware 
that connects either by USB or Firewire.  At minimum I'd need an audio device 
that has line in and out and support analog to digital conversion of at least 
24 bits and 96 kHz.  I'd also need a way to output standard midi from software 
to my organ.  Is there any hardware that's supported and could do that on 
NetBSD and if so, what would someone recommend purchasing?  Would appreciate 
opinions on whether or not it would be feasible to use NetBSD fo
 r both systems (low resource, low memory and high resource, lots of hardware) 
and have hardware running properly.  I should add, at least one machine only 
has access to software by sneaker-net through USB (no Internet connection).  

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