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iscsifs problems (on netbsd)


I've got a couple targets exported through the iscsi-target. It seemed to work fine a few months ago on Linux (don't have an example of that anymore.)

But I just tried to connect a NetBSD host to a target using the netbsd-iscsi-initiator package. Here's the problem:

# iscsifs -u pod -h maat -f /mnt
No matching user configuration entry for `pod' was found
Please add an entry for `pod' to `/etc/iscsi/auths'
pid 9980:parameters.c:545: ***ERROR*** Unknown user `0x6f65043a10dc762a189a53738cccdbbb' pid 9980:parameters.c:187: ***ERROR*** key "AuthResult" not found in param list
pid 9980:initiator.c:1980: ***ERROR*** param_text_parse_offer() failed
pid 9980:initiator.c:1813: ***ERROR*** initiator_cmd_t failed
pid 9980:initiator.c:642: ***ERROR*** login_phase_i() failed
pid 9980:initiator.c:1160: ***ERROR*** enqueue_worker: discovery_phase() failed (ignoring command)

On the host maat, I have a user "pod" in /etc/iscsi/auths like this:


The target is defined like this:

extent1         /export/iscsi/webtest0  0               2GB

target1         rw      extent1

This is a netbsd-5 amd64 machine connecting to a target on a netbsd-5 i386 machine. Both systems were built this year, but at different times.

Am I missing something here? Does anyone have this working?

Any help would be great!


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