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Modem Huawei E172/E220 recognized only as an umass device

Hi all:

After so much time I'm trying to configure again a Huawei modem, this
time an E172. This modem has the same vendor and product Id as E220:
12d1:1003. The modem works pretty well in Linux and FreeBSD (8.0 and
8.1). NetBSD recognizes the device as an E220 (well, it's ok) but only
as an umass device, not as an ucom. 

I'm using NetBSD 5.0.2 and u3g. I've been watching threads as the
"Novatel/Verizon USB 760 modem" but it seems it's not the same problem.
In this case the product and vendor are in the kernel. It reminds me
the problem in FreeBSD with u3g and umass: u3g module has to be loaded
before the umass module. So... I guess I need some kind of patch for
the kernel.

Some idea?

Thanks in advance


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