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Re: 5.1_RC3 vs pkgsrc-2010Q1-5.0.2 binaries

"Malcolm Herbert" <> writes:

> What would be the best way to get a pkgsrc-2010Q1 binary firefox
> compiled against 5.0.2 working on 5.1_RC3?  It doesn't start as ldd
> can't find libpixman of the version it's looking for (sorry, don't have
> the exact details to hand at the moment)

Posting "ldd /usr/pkg/lib/xulrunner/xulrunner-bin" would be helpful...

> How should I fix this?  Should I have installed 5.0.2 and upgraded my
> way to 5.1_RC3?

Yes, probably.  But you could also unpack the 5.0.2 X sets and look for
the missing shlib and add it - assuming that's what's wrong.  I have not
been paying attention, but a shlib version bump along netbsd-5 seems
surprising.  Therefore, figuring out what's going on first seems in

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