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Re: cvs only kernel source

On Dec 1,  1:15pm, "Eric d'Alibut" wrote:
} What would a cvs co for the kernel sources only look like?
} I tried 'cvs co -P -r netbsd-5.0.2 sys' but got a "no such module"
} error messge.

     As somebody else mentioned, the tag is wrong and you need
src/sys.  However, if you want to build a kernel, this isn't enough.
The best thing would be to grab:


Then unpack it with 'tar xvzpf syssrc.tgz -C /'.  This will unpack it
to the correct location and get you everything you need.  Note that the
tarball contains CVS directories with the correct tags, so if you want
to update it, you can do so with 'cvs update'.

}-- End of excerpt from "Eric d'Alibut"

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