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Re (2): making the NetBSD Sparc installer diskettes in a Debian system.

From:   Martin Husemann <>
Date:   Fri, 02 Jul 2010 17:46:27 +0200
> Duh - that is a bug in that release - 

And NetBSD had me thinking they used a clever 
way of squeezing extra data onto a diskette 
... but it's only an oversight in making the image.  
Any chance of putting a notice somewhere obvious so 
others avoid wasting time? 

> ... it seems to have been fixed for
> the NetBSD-5.1RC3, could you try that instead?

OK, I might.  Might also get a CD drive to work 
and proceed with 5.0.2.  I've become quite wary of 
testing systems after experiencing many headaches 
with Debian Squeeze testing.

> We should document any gotchas; if you run into any, 
> please let us know.

I'll send a message when the system is running or 
sooner if necessary.

Thanks for answering my questions.

Regads,         ... Peter E.

Carnot is down, waiting for installation of NetBSD.
Personal site works; .

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