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Updating packages Doubts

Hi there guys.

I've got some doubts about upating packages.
I'd like and adivce about what's the best option or less risky to update them.

Reading the docs, make update seems to be dangerous, cuz it deinstall all and reinstall the port again. Last night I tried to update for example Gconf, then, make update downloaded the new package from the repo, start compiling it, and then started to dowload LOTS of packages which were not installed before, so, what's that? werent the dependecies installed when Gconf was installed for the first time?.

Then, what happen if something goes wrong? if make update while updating breaks because of something.

I tried to use pkg_ckh, but it seems to update ALL in one pass, I need something more practical like in , for example FreeBSD, where I can tell WHICH package I want to use, like the portupgrade utillity, which downloads the package, starts compilling it, and THEN, if there is no error it updates the packages, but maka update seems to work the other way, it start deinstalling it first, and do not know how to go back if something blows up.

The pking seemed to be a good options, but it seems it uses its own database to record the packages installed, so, *pkgin list* doesnt list the packages I installed before.

I'm worry about all of this because, if I leave with a desktop unusable, In the worst of the cases I can reinstall it, but with a server, I cannot afford to to that.

So, I'm lost and confused.
Any avdice/hint welcome.

Thanks for your time and support
Best Regards

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