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Re: /bin/sh for interactive use?

On Thu, 10 Jun 2010 09:00 +0000, "Thorsten Glaser" <>
> Ian D. Leroux <idleroux <at>> writes:
> > On a related note, what's the status of utf-8 support in the base
> > system shells?
> Try mksh.

I'm a little unclear on how it compares to /bin/ksh, which is presumably
also an up-to-date and maintained descendant of pdksh.  How does mksh
improve on NetBSD's ksh?  (If this has been discussed before or
elsewhere, a pointer to that would be great)  I had a look at the mksh
website and came away a little nonplussed: since I don't know what's
wrong with pdksh I'm not sure what improvements there are to make
in a general code cleanup.



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