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Re: /bin/sh for interactive use?

On Tue, 08 Jun 2010 22:27 +0200, "Rainer Glaschick" <>
> My requirements are only simple interactive features:
> Cursor left / right,
> simple command recall (just go back in the buffer),
> and simple filename completion,
> because filenames  are becoming long and complicated.
> [...]
> But if filename completion it is provided,
> it should do it fully useable, i.e. with proper quoting.
> [...]
> Thus, I would vote to "repair" filename completion
> and not to extend the shell further; even would not cry
> if other interactive features are removed.

I'm inclined to agree, though I'd add UTF-8 support to the list of
desired features because filenames are not only getting longer but also
multilingual (and the rest of the system is mostly multibyte-friendly
already).  Apparently this is already in CVS but not yet enabled. I'd be
curious, however, to hear any other opinions.

Ian Leroux

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