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Re: sql api for ufs

On Mon 07 Jun 2010 at 05:07:43 PM +0200, Kees Nuyt wrote:
>That could be implemented as an appication with a set of
>virtual tables, backed by the readdir() and stat() system
>I haven't heard of any implementation, although fossil
>has a few routines which might be interesting.

Interesting approach. I've never heard of virtual tables.
Unfortunately, I don't know anything about the backend of
generating indices or optimizing db queries either. But I
see what you are getting at, maybe I can work it out.

Fossil, looks interesting too. I'm adding it to my library of
resources on this project.

If it's not clear, I want to do development on top of such an
application. The key goal here is to address data sprawl. Duplicate
files on multiple (offline) disks, S3 like resources and no index
for 5 year old (or 1 month) data. I'm looking to index, merge and
purge duplicate data; and be able to opportunistically build indices
and run transactions while media is transiently online.

So, something that barely works---builds indexes from fs data,
supports rudimentary queries and generates filesystem manipulation
commands is my first goal. I'll use it to discover duplicates and
organize files. I'm sure this project will evolve considerably.

>I know Microsoft does (or tries to do) something similar,
>perhaps MSDN is of any help?

The only microsoft system I have is a multimedia player. Not sure
how I could roll their products into my developments....


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