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Re: Remounting as read-only

In article <>,
 <> wrote:
>> My question, though, concerns the origin of the problem.  There's 
>long been code to
>> completely and successfully flush all metadata before unmounting a 
>volume -- why
>> does that work, when this doesn't?
>FreeBSD fixed this bug ( in 7.2 IIRC ).  Pick up the fix from there.
>I used to always read that the various BSDs picked up bugfixes from 
>each other,
>but this doesn't seem to happen in practice.  Why not?

As the years go by the code diverges and it becomes much more
difficult to merge. Because of the code divergence the signal to
noice ratio in the commit mailing lists (the number of commits that
are relevant vs. the ones that are not) decreases. The number of
people who are know enough to be able to read, undestand, and pick
the good information from both code bases also is also dropping.


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