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Re: Is NetBSD the right OS for me?

=> Am 29.03.10 19:53, schrieb fctk:
=>> Hello,
=>> I have been a Linux user for more than 6 years, but now I'm tired of
=>> various problems and I'm looking for other operating systems. In
=>> particular, I'm interested in portability of software and being able
=>> of cross-compile, and it seems to me these are one of the main
=>> features of NetBSD. Also, I dislike the Autotools, and I heard that in
=>> NetBSD packages are installed with make only. Finally, I'm a sort of
=>> do-it-yourself guy and I'm wondering if NetBSD can be build from
=>> scratch just like Linux.
=>> Thanks.
=> Short answer:  Yes.

Longer answer: Probably.

   If you are talking about third-party packages, while the pkgsrc
framework is driven by make, the packages still generally use their
native build processes to handle the details. That aside, your
self-description does sound like a good match for NetBSD, so give it a

   Best of luck...

                                      Gary Duzan

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