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Re: pfspamd not starting

> Hi Jamie,
> I don't actually use the application in question, but based on the
> man page Google gave me, the -p parameter states:
> "The default port is found by looking for the named service spamd
> using getservbyname(3)
> <>", so I'd
> guess that you need a "spamd" entry in /etc/services with a port of
> 25; assuming that's where you're expecting mail to be delivered to.
> ;-)

Hi mike, yeah I read that too. I did some more searching, without using 
"netBSD" as a search keyword and found a similar problem someone was having 
with FreeBSD, which said to add

     spamd           8025/tcp                # spamd(8)
     spamd-sync      8025/udp                # spamd(8) synchronisation
     spamd-cfg       8026/tcp                # spamd(8) configuratio

to /etc/services, which I have done but the script still won't start and gives 
the same error. Port 25 is the port i'm using for mail, as most do, but i think 
spamd does use port 8025 from hat i've read about it's configuration settings. 


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